Visit islands

Discover the islands of the Saint-Lawrence river

Feel the uniqueness of l’Île aux Lièvres or the Îles du Pot à l’Eau-de-Vie, two superb places where their special wildlife and flora will astonish you.

L’Île aux Lièvres Package

L’Île aux Lièvres, situated eight kilometers off Rivière-du-Loup’s marina, is composed of a network of trails and footpaths, from beginner to advanced. You get to choose the type of trekking that inspires you.

This package includes a 20 minutes boat transportation to and from the island, the self-exploration of the island (the duration will depend on the tides), as well as one night, dinner and breakfast at l’Auberge sur Mer.

The Îles du Pot à l’Eau-de-vie exploration package

The Îles du Pot à l’Eau-de-Vie are host to an exceptional wildlife and flora diversity. From the seals relaxing spots to the cliffs hosting a multitude of birds, an experience at the Îles du Pot à l’Eau-de-Vie is now an absolute must when coming to the Bas-St-Laurent.

With an experimented guide, you will enjoy the boat ride from Rivière-du-Loup to these islands where you will learn the history of this place and navigation on the tricky St-Lawrence, the various birds nesting on the islands, such as the Petit Pingouin, Guillemot à miroir, Grand heron, Eider à duvet, etc., as well as the numerous marine mammals that you can see from the lighthouse.
The Îles du Pot à l’Eau-de-Vie package includes the excursion with the lighthouse and island walking tour, and lodging, dinner and breakfast at l’Auberge sur Mer.


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